Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Philippines Top Group of Restaurant

We all know that Asian People is a food lovers. That why, in every corner of the cities have a different fine dining restaurant. In the Philippine there are Groups of Restaurants that was been establish for a food lovers just like us. 

This Top Groups of Restaurant is much located in the busy city of the country. They been served not just a Filipino foods but some of other countries some requested foods just like Swiss,Italian and French foods. They called Chateau Group
Chateau Group have four different fine dining restaurant for food tripper will surely love. 

Chateau 1771

Chateau 1771 has been revered as one of Manila's Best Fine Dining Restaurants acclaimed for its famous patented "No Borders Cuisine" exquisite innovations on well-loved Swiss,Italian and French culinary that are simply divine to the palate. 

Cafe 1771
This place will surely love by a book readers seem that motif of the place is a library. A very relaxing place and the same thing they serve a nice menu such as Tomato Cheese Fondue, Raclette, Pasta Chorizo and Lemon Chicken and different delicious and health foods.  

Sidebar Cafe

Additional to the top Group is Sidebar Cafe unlike to Cafe 1771 with a relaxing place. This kind of restaurant is more lively.The sensational Sidebar Café experience succeeds in lifting the spirits and the great food is filling. Just after being seated by the courteous staff, a positive and buoyant feeling is sure to quickly set in. And ofcourse, granted that you and your friends will enjoy all the foods they will serve in this restaurant. 

Sentro 1771

Sentro 1771 is more focus to Filipino cuisine. They been in hands and improve all the original recipes to a very fine touch of different chef all over the country. From original to much delicious food they been serve in this restaurant. 


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